joerg van den hoff veedeehjay at
Sat Aug 25 15:22:33 UTC 2018

On 25.08.18 06:21, Joshua Root wrote:
 >> currently, this port is at version
 >>    tcl-sqlite3 @3.6.22_3
 >> sqlite3, however, is already at 3.24. there have been relevant changes
 >> to sqlite between versions 22 and 24, so I now see "malformed schema"
 >> errors with the tcl package for databases generated with current sqlite3
 >> (identical to those I see with the sqlite3 at 3.22 port).
 >> question: any chance to see an update of the tcl-sqlite3 package soon?
 > The tcl-sqlite3 port could probably be updated if a ticket is filed. I
I could do that, of course, if required.

 > think it may have languished in part because there was a question of how
 > useful it is now that Tcl 8.6 has sqlite3 built in.
has it? I am not aware of this: there is no command `sqlite3' available 
in my tclsh 8.6.8 (the one provided by macports) before I do `package 
require sqlite3' (which loads the separately installed sqlite3 package, 
e.g. the ports-provided one). of course, if you issue "sqlite3" at the 
tlcsh prompt, you usually fire up the standalone `sqlite3' comand line 
utility and get it's prompt. but that is of course not the same thing...

so if I have missed something: could you please elaborate a bit on this?


 > - Josh

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