Experiences with union mounts in MacOS?

Ces VLC cesarillovlc at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 16:03:55 UTC 2018


Sorry for this partially off-topic post, but couldn't imagine another place
with more people likely to having experiences with little known MacOS UNIX
features than this.

In order to ease the testing of some builds, I had the idea of using union
mounts ("mount -o union") to merge several DMGs together in the same folder.

But I'm a bit afraid because it seems to be a little used feature in the
Mac, so, if I'll be the only one in the planet using it, I guess it can be
like sort of a minefield walk, likely to use little-tested stuff.

I searched for it, and the only problems I saw reported is that Finder
doesn't seem to honor union mounts, but that wouldn't be a problem for me,
as I won't be using Finder for browsing the mount directory. If it works
fine at the Terminal, then it's fine for me.

Do you have any experience using union mounts on MacOS? Did it work fine
for you? Did you find any problem/issues?


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