lowdown not helped by snowleopardfixes

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Wed Feb 21 19:31:49 UTC 2018

On Feb 21 08:46:21, ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com wrote:
> lowdown uses it's own completely unique methods for configure

It's a hand written ./configure shell script, as opposed to the auto* hell.
Some other portable projects do the same.

> and library function replacements, I see.

Yes. It comes wth tests.c and compats.c to detect an possibly provide
e.g. strtonum(3) and strlcat(3) etc on systems that don't have them.

> It clears out the LDFLAGS during the build,
> ergo the -lsnowleopardfixes not being honoured

Hm, doesn't the PortGroup add its stuff to LDFLAGS and LDADD
(and whatever else) _after_ the port has done its configure?

> it also replaces some functions on it's own, so there might be collisions if -lsnowleopardfixes was patched into the build script link flags.


> For a port like this, the best I could offer would be to patch in the missing strndup definition into compats.c

I asked upstream to do that.
These guys go out of their way to be very portable.

> the author probably wouldn't mind adding strndup to the other functions he tests for -- he already checks for lots of them.


> a definition for strndup.c is here <https://github.com/kencu/snowleopardfixes/blob/master/strndup.c> but requires strnlen as well to function.

They will most probably use

> Sorry this is not one of the "drop in" fixes that the PG usually offers...

I am probably missing something fundamental about how the PortGroups
actually work. Is there a place on the documentation where I shoud
start reading? I don't think I saw it in the Guide.



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