iTerm2 and High Sierra 10.13.6 incompatible...

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at
Thu Jul 19 09:36:21 UTC 2018

> On Jul 18, 2018, at 20:42, Mark Anderson <emer at> wrote:
> Yeah, open a ticket. I'll take a look. I think we stopped the autoupdate dialog before, but it moved around on us. I need to bump to at least 3.1.7 anyway.
> —Mark

Ok, thanks.
#56840 <>

While I didn't mention it there, I still wonder if it might not be worth the attempt to interest upstream in adding the hiding and disabling of that as a compile-time option.  However, the argument will not be made easier, insofar as (as far as I can tell), only MacPorts, and not Fink or Homebrew, includes an iTerm2 package - i.e. it's not as if there are multiple distributors of it as part of a larger packaging system - at least, apparently not at present.

OTOH, if you can do it, and submit it upstream as a compile time option that doesn't uglify their code too much, maybe they'll accept it. :-)

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