Mark Bestley news at
Mon Jul 23 21:53:06 UTC 2018

On 23/07/2018 02:59, John Hanly via macports-users wrote:
> I have been trying to upgrade a package on my Mac and I keep getting a lot of very similar error messages. The package, conda, is part of my Anaconda python distribution. Most of the error messages contain a line like this: "The path is one that conda
> doesn't recognize. It may have been created by another package manager". This message made me wonder if MacPorts was the package manager responsible for the error messages. I'm considering uninstalling MacPorts but I have a couple of MacPorts packages I'd hate to lose. Can anyone offer any insight into this situation.
I have conda and Macports working together. conda is on the PTAH before 

What is your $PATH

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