verbose builds

Jan Stary hans at
Wed Jul 25 05:21:02 UTC 2018

In a recent thread, I came over the folowing:

On Jul 24 09:26:18, hans at wrote:
> On Jul 23 15:51:49, michaelld at wrote:
> > Looks like the link command is missing LAPACK or the equivalent (e.g. maybe: Atlas, OpenBLAS, Eigen), but since the log doesn't include the actual link command I can't say for certain. Maybe add some verbosity to the build stage to show the actual link command? - MLD
> How do I do that on port(1) level?
> Or do I need to tweak the actual Portfile with
> something like --disable-silent-rules?

On Jul 24 11:17:18, michaelld at wrote:
> This would be a Portfile change, adding in the flag you mention.
> -    --enable-static
> +    --enable-static         \
> +    --disable-silent-rules

Would it be useful if port(1) had --disable-silent-rules
among configure.args by default? Or at least with port -vs?
Not having the actual commands renders the main.log a bit useless.


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