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Rainer Müller raimue at
Wed Jul 25 10:32:32 UTC 2018

On 2018-07-25 07:21, Jan Stary wrote:
> In a recent thread, I came over the folowing:
> On Jul 24 09:26:18, hans at wrote:
>> On Jul 23 15:51:49, michaelld at wrote:
>>> Looks like the link command is missing LAPACK or the equivalent (e.g. maybe: Atlas, OpenBLAS, Eigen), but since the log doesn't include the actual link command I can't say for certain. Maybe add some verbosity to the build stage to show the actual link command? - MLD
>> How do I do that on port(1) level?
>> Or do I need to tweak the actual Portfile with
>> something like --disable-silent-rules?
> On Jul 24 11:17:18, michaelld at wrote:
>> This would be a Portfile change, adding in the flag you mention.
>> -    --enable-static
>> +    --enable-static         \
>> +    --disable-silent-rules
> Would it be useful if port(1) had --disable-silent-rules
> among configure.args by default? Or at least with port -vs?
> Not having the actual commands renders the main.log a bit useless.

Yes, --disable-silent-rules should be used whenever possible. However,
only configure scripts using automake will provide that option. Other
configure scripts might also fail when unknown options are passed on the
command line. Therefore I do not think it is not possible to make it a

The -v flag should not change the build process. It only changes what is
displayed right on the terminal, while the log file will always contain
messages of all log levels. Use 'port log' [1] to view/filter the log
output after a failed build attempt.



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