gcc49 fails to build

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Mon Jun 4 21:15:11 UTC 2018


Dave Horsfall wrote:
>> We can't guess what the problem is. Please file a bug report and 
>> attach the compressed main.log.
> I like to make sure that I'm not duplicating a bug report -- how do 
> *you* go bug-hunting? -- but OK, one hidously-long filename 
> "main.log.gz" attached...
> In the meantime, you seem to have missed the other part of my message, 
> viz: how do I *not* recompile GCC?  That will bring this old MacBook to 
> its knees, and I have better things to do with it than have character 
> echo times measured in seconds...

to my untrained eyes it looks like it is trying to rebuild gcc49, that 
it is using clang which spits out lots of warnings and the stage-1 
generated compiler itself then files to execute properly

The fatal error is:
:info:build In file included from 
:info:build In file included from 
error: no member named 'fancy_abort' in namespace 'std::__1'; did you 
mean simply 'fancy_abort'?
:info:build     _VSTD::abort();
:info:build     ^~~~~~~
note: expanded from macro '_VSTD'
:info:build #define _VSTD std::_LIBCPP_NAMESPACE

coulkd this be due to the latest C++ fixes of macports?


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