MacPorts Tiger Support...

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Sat Jun 9 00:26:34 UTC 2018

Every once in a while the question of support for Tiger comes up -- it's an old but beloved system. Of course the fun advantage is that it can run MacOSX Classic and still run all the MacOS9 software from days gone by.

I just thought I'd give a short update to the status of MacPorts on Tiger as I see it.

Currently I have about 2000 installed ports on Tiger (not unique ports -- not sure how to get that number - but ports installed over the past couple of years including updates).

Here's the list of what I have at present


Between MacPorts and TenFourFox (browser) the system remains quite usable.

All the exposed ports use up to date versions of ssl, and TenFourFox uses an up to date security infrastructure as well. I believe the system is quite secure with the exposure it has.

Happy to help out anyone with a Tiger system to maintain if needed.



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