reclaim failed: can't read "isrequested(...)" (was: Doing my weekly "port -u uninstall", and...)

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Jun 18 07:32:18 UTC 2018

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Jun 17, 2018, at 11:52, Dave Horsfall wrote:
>> --->  Uninstalling sqlite3 @3.23.1_0+universal
>> --->  Cleaning sqlite3
>> You haven't run 'sudo port reclaim' in two weeks. It's recommended you run 
>> this regularly to reclaim disk space. Would you like to run it now? [Y/n]:y
>> --->  Checking for unnecessary unrequested ports
>> Error: reclaim failed: can't read "isrequested(adwaita-icon-theme)": no 
>> such element in array
>> OK; what went wrong this time?  I don't even know what 
>> "adwaita-icon-theme" is!
> "adwaita-icon-theme" a port for a Gnome icon theme, which you presumably had installed.
> Unfortunately I can't explain why you're encountering this error.

There must be a bug in the code that was added from
<>. Has a ticket been
opened for this problem?

It would be easy enough to dodge the immediate error with 'info exists',
but the non-existence implies that the ports are being processed in the
wrong order. An affected user will probably need to run some modified
reclaim code to generate extra debug output to help figure out what is
going wrong.

- Josh

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