Doing my weekly "port -u uninstall", and...

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Jun 19 08:06:11 UTC 2018

On Jun 18, 2018, at 18:47, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> On Sun, 17 Jun 2018, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> --->  Checking for unnecessary unrequested ports
>>> Error: reclaim failed: can't read "isrequested(adwaita-icon-theme)": no
>>> such element in array
>>> OK; what went wrong this time?  I don't even know what
>>> "adwaita-icon-theme" is!
>> "adwaita-icon-theme" a port for a Gnome icon theme, which you presumably had installed.
> Well, certainly not by choice, that's for sure, so I guess it's at the end of a chain of dependencies or something; what was that command again, that tells me what needs it?

One way is:

port installed depends:adwaita-icon-theme

>> Unfortunately I can't explain why you're encountering this error.
> And neither can I find a log file, otherwise I would've attached it...

I don't know whether reclaim saves a log file. You can possibly produce more information by using the debug flag:

sudo port -d reclaim

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