Anyone running Gnuplot on a Mac?

Thomas Ruedas trg818 at
Wed May 30 09:52:10 UTC 2018

Am 30.05.18 um 01:39 schrieb Dave Horsfall:
> See for yesterday's graph (nice and 
> pretty!) and (where the hell did my 
> log scale on the left go?).

It looks to me rather as if not only the logscale is gone, but the data 
pertaining to it are not plotted either.
> Command and datafile available if anyone can try it; they aren't all that
> large...

I haven't upgraded to the latest macports yet and have Macports 2.4.4 
and Gnuplot 5.2.p2 on my Mac.  If you want me to try it nonetheless, 
mail it to me or tell me where to download it.

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