Anyone else seeing large numbers of configure failures post 2.5.0?

Lee Bast x-lists at
Thu May 31 13:04:47 UTC 2018

Hello all,
	Before I dive into this any farther I'm curious if anyone else has noticed something or if it's specific to me. Across 3 different machines (2 MPs and an rMBP) running a mix of 10.12.6 and 10.13.4 I did a standard self-update/upgrade outdated cycle and saw configure failures of everything from ffmpeg to curl to openldap, most either are dependencies or configured with no variant changes. No other system changes were made, and the installed list isn't exotic. At least on one of them I have zfs installed so I can just rollback, on the others I guess I'll nuke and pave and see whether it returns.

	When I first saw it affect curl I thought it might be just that one port, but now that I've seen errors across a bunch of standard ports on multiple systems I'm wondering if it might be something lower level (which would make individual failures and their logs a red herring and not worth bothering maintainers with error reports over). If no one else is having issues though I'll poke at it myself later instead.


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