`Tk' aqua variant not working as expected in 10.14

joerg van den hoff veedeehjay at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 20:49:29 UTC 2018

after migration to 10.14 I see strange behaviour after

port install TK +aqua

specifically, display of jpeg images (image creat photo" etc.) does not 
work. only an empty canvas is displayed. the same Tcl/Tk script worked 
just fine under OSX 10.13.

furthermore, running the same script in 10.14 after

port install Tk

(which installs the default X11 variant) works as expected, too. so, the 
X11 display works, the aqua display does not...

before issuing a bug report to the Tcl/Tk project: can anybody confirm 
the described behaviour?

thank you


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