How Mojave-ready is MacPorts?

Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Nov 12 20:34:40 UTC 2018

On Mon, 12 Nov 2018, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> So I see; well, it's served me well for nine years...  I only upgrade 
>> hardware when forced to, so I guess it's time to put some of my pension 
>> aside for a MacBook Air or something.
> There are usually ways of shoehorning newer operating systems into 
> unsupported older systems, at the expense of some performance problems 
> or other issues.

Sure, but after trying to upgrade to High Sierra twice (failing with 
different errors each time; the first was something about incompatibility, 
and the second was a critical file missing), I don't really feel like 
going through it all over again with Mojave.  Besides, the hardware is 
slowly dying on me; the audio chip is dead (I'm using either USB or BT as 
takes my fancy), the optical drive is damaged, the (replacement) battery's 
lifetime can be measured in minutes, and the system drive is external USB, 
so portable it ain't.

For the record, I've been running this thing ever since Snow Leopard,
faithfully updating all the time.

I'm happy to wait for better hardware and continue to run Sierra in the 
meantime.  As it is, I'm also holding off on upgrading my FreeBSD-10 
server to FreeBSD-11 until I get a somewhat newer box (the current one is 
well over 10 years old, and some of its electrolytic capacitors are 
starting to bulge which is a sign of imminent failure), and am also 
looking at upgradinf my Debian box from 8 to 9.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

-- Dave

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