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> Abandon 2004!

OK. You might want to know what I mean by that.

Snow Leopard can build and run a very great amount of current software. But you need to use a newer compiler and stdlib setup to make that work smoothly.

I suggest you do what I do:

run through the < <>> instructions that our Apple genius, Jeremy, set up for us.

Set your default compiler to something new, but not too new, like clang-3.9. That is (currently) about perfect (= about clang 900).

Then your MacPorts installation will munch on through and install 99% of everything without you even knowing that gcc-4.2 doesn’t work. And really — who cares if gcc-4.2 doesn’t work?

All the software the current committers are committing will most likely work, because your system looks almost exactly like their system.

Your only issue might be Xcode builds, and much of that is fixable as well.

There is very little I can’t build on SnowLeopard with this setup.

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