gimp2 install

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Nov 19 13:13:39 UTC 2018

> On Nov 17, 2018, at 10:03, Uli Wienands æwrote:

> Well, some progress: I was able to get over the hump by not updating all dependencies (-n switch),

That is not a good idea. You can end up with ports in a broken state. However, rev-upgrade should fix that, if so.

The PR I submitted has been merged, so there shouldn't be any further problems, if you selfupdate and upgrade outdated now.

> given that I actually have older versions of e.g. zstd and libtiff already installed. Much to my amazement gimp2 actually built. And it even runs, albeit complaining bitterly about tiff being out of date, D-Bus not running and some other assorted odds and ends.
> That said, it actually opens tiff (16 bit) files and jpegs just fine and seems to save as well.
> However, as I expected it is the Xwindows version. To get the macOS GUI I assume I need to use the variant quartz. But, do I need to completely hose the present install or can I just deactivate it? I'd kind-of like to keep the Xwindows version around in case I cannot get the macOS GUI version to work. Already it is better than what I had before.

If you wish to switch from X11 ports to Quartz ports or vice versa, it is recommended that you uninstall all ports first, so that there is no inadvertent mixing of capabilities. If you want to switch to Quartz ports, then add "+quartz" to variants.conf.

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