Anyone running X11 apps on Mojave?

Christopher Jones jonesc at
Sat Nov 24 17:43:04 UTC 2018

> On 24 Nov 2018, at 4:22 pm, Richard L. Hamilton <rlhamil at> wrote:
> One might suppose there are still people for which the standalone packaging of Xquartz might be preferable - people that for whatever reason, don't want to deal with the extra steps involved in installing MacPorts (including installing Xcode plus command line tools), let alone updating it, and don't think they'd want any of the other packages it offers.

I am simply stating what the maintainer himself has stated on the Xquartz mailing lists. 

I don’t disagree, but also I made the comment on this list on the assumption everything here does have MP installed. In that case I would suggest using the port is the better option.

The maintainer has also stated if someone wanted to do the work to simplify the task of creating a standalone installer from the MP installation, he would welcome it, as he has very limited time to devote to maintaining X11 on macOS (which is why he might only focus on MP going forward).

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