quite OT

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Mon Sep 3 10:39:54 UTC 2018

On Sep 01 14:24:34, jam at tigger.ws wrote:
> but directly related to a port <smile>

What port?

> I want password-less ssh login

Create a password-less key and copy it into
~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote site.

Make sure that ~/.ssh is chmod 700 and authorized_keys is chmod 600
if you are creating them from scratch. (The OS possibly did that for you
upon user creation.)

> i usually copy the public key by hand, but I also used ssh-copy-id
> from 1_mac to another
> from 1_mac to itself
> from 1_mac to a plethora of linux machines and virtual machines
> 1_mac cannot login passwd-less to another.

To another what?

What happens if you copy the key by hand, not relying on ssh-copy-id?
Have you checked that the key is actually installed there?

> Passwd is requested then all is well.

What password, if it's a password-less key?

> 1_mac CAN login to itself passwdless
> 1_mac CAN login to the linux boxes passwdless
> The logs show nothing of interest (-vvv, not tried to get server logs yet)

You have succesfully logged in. The logs will say so.
What else do you expect to see there?

> Google is full of stuff, eg since High Sierra Apple silently enforces a 2048 bit key, but nothing that actually solves the problem

What problem?

On Sep 01 17:45:13, dave at horsfall.org wrote:
> > I want password-less ssh login
> > i usually copy the public key by hand, but I also used ssh-copy-id
> I've done that, but I think it involved temporarily enabling TELNET etc,
> then ye olde copy/paste of the public key.

Why would you use TELNET to transfer your ssh key?
To completely defeat the purpose?


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