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Top Posting as all the noise below may be of interest, but it may not be.

Actually re-reading my post shows my irritation with Jan’s post. I guess that I’m here because of a significant and so far insoluable problem and I welcome any ideas or caveats, I think his tone trivializes my angst, appologies!

Jan I must assume that you have never done a password-less login to a high sierra machine and the tone of your questions betrays that.
I have mumble (aah hell 40 years experience using unix and I have and do do many many password-less logins eg gathering data frrom an embedded logger) so the stock right-way is cute, but moot 

> On 3 Sep 2018, at 8:00 pm, macports-users-request at lists.macports.org wrote:
>> but directly related to a port <smile>
> What port?

actually openssh which works everywhere ( where works == password-less login NB nothing to do with pass-phrase) does not work on high sierra

>> I want password-less ssh login
> Create a password-less key and copy it into
> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote site.
> Make sure that ~/.ssh is chmod 700 and authorized_keys is chmod 600
> if you are creating them from scratch. (The OS possibly did that for you
> upon user creation.)
>> i usually copy the public key by hand, but I also used ssh-copy-id
>> from 1_mac to another
>> from 1_mac to itself
>> from 1_mac to a plethora of linux machines and virtual machines
>> 1_mac cannot login passwd-less to another.
> To another what?

The original post made clear I called the first mac "mac-1" and the second mac “another"

> What happens if you copy the key by hand, not relying on ssh-copy-id?
> Have you checked that the key is actually installed there?

By hand and with ssh-copy-id achieves identical results. I’ve also generated id_rsa and id_rsa.pub on linux machines (In case apple does something bizare)

>> Passwd is requested then all is well.
> What password, if it's a password-less key?

if public key auth fails then you fall back to password auth 

>> 1_mac CAN login to itself passwdless

And with openssh that happens too. I’ve not tried user a login to user b, I shall try in the morning

>> 1_mac CAN login to the linux boxes passwdless
>> The logs show nothing of interest (-vvv, not tried to get server logs yet)
> You have succesfully logged in. The logs will say so.
> What else do you expect to see there?

Umm I’m confused. I see a password prompt not a shell prompt. I see too public_key auth failed wthi error 51 before password auth gets tried

>> Google is full of stuff, eg since High Sierra Apple silently enforces a 2048 bit key, but nothing that actually solves the problem
> What problem?

Again ummmm. Password-less login. I can see my suspition is not happening which was blank pass phrase is not allowed.

> On Sep 01 17:45:13, dave at horsfall.org <mailto:dave at horsfall.org> wrote:
>>> I want password-less ssh login
>>> i usually copy the public key by hand, but I also used ssh-copy-id
>> I've done that, but I think it involved temporarily enabling TELNET etc,
>> then ye olde copy/paste of the public key.
> Why would you use TELNET to transfer your ssh key?
> To completely defeat the purpose?

I think one of the answers mentioned telnet, I certainly did not.

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