port listed to be upgraded but not upgraded

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Sep 9 01:00:56 UTC 2018

Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> I finished "port upgrade outdated" successfully (on Lion) and in fact 
> I can re-run it and no action happens.
> Kaiserin:~ multix$ sudo port -v upgrade outdated
> Password:
> --->  Scanning binaries for linking errors
> --->  No broken files found.
> --->  No broken ports found.
> however, if I list outdated, I see:
> Kaiserin:~ multix$ port list outdated
> Warning: The 'list' action only shows the currently available version 
> of each port. To see installed versions, use the 'installed' action.
> gnome-online-accounts          @3.28.0         
> gnome/gnome-online-accounts
> Kaiserin:~ multix$ port installed outdated
> The following ports are currently installed:
>    gnome-online-accounts @3.8.5_2 (active)
> now what is right?

Both, sort of. This port changes its version depending on the value of
cxx_stdlib. So the version in the index which was generated on the
server is different to the version set by the Portfile on your system.

This has been reported as a base bug, but TBH I think the solution is
not to set ports' versions dynamically. The way ld64 handles different
versions on different platforms works much better.

- Josh

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