port listed to be upgraded but not upgraded

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Sep 10 03:23:37 UTC 2018

On Sep 8, 2018, at 20:00, Joshua Root wrote:

> Riccardo Mottola wrote:
>> I finished "port upgrade outdated" successfully (on Lion) and in fact 
>> I can re-run it and no action happens.
>> Kaiserin:~ multix$ sudo port -v upgrade outdated
>> Password:
>> --->  Scanning binaries for linking errors
>> --->  No broken files found.
>> --->  No broken ports found.
>> however, if I list outdated, I see:
>> Kaiserin:~ multix$ port list outdated
>> Warning: The 'list' action only shows the currently available version 
>> of each port. To see installed versions, use the 'installed' action.
>> gnome-online-accounts          @3.28.0         
>> gnome/gnome-online-accounts
>> Kaiserin:~ multix$ port installed outdated
>> The following ports are currently installed:
>>   gnome-online-accounts @3.8.5_2 (active)
>> now what is right?
> Both, sort of. This port changes its version depending on the value of
> cxx_stdlib. So the version in the index which was generated on the
> server is different to the version set by the Portfile on your system.
> This has been reported as a base bug, but TBH I think the solution is
> not to set ports' versions dynamically. The way ld64 handles different
> versions on different platforms works much better.

It is fine for ports to offer different versions to different platforms. Up to now, a "platform" was the combination of an operating system name, major version number, and architecture (PowerPC or Intel). It has been proposed that the C++ standard library should be added to that definition. Code implementing that has already been added to portindex. We have not yet deployed changes to the server to generate separate indexes per C++ standard library, and we have not modified MacPorts base to look for a different index on the server depending on the C++ standard library. We should make both of those changes.

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