Migrating from macOS High SIerra Server dovecot to macOS Mojave macports dovecot

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at rna.nl
Mon Dec 23 10:01:26 UTC 2019

On 23 Dec 2019, at 02:28, Steven Smith <steve.t.smith at gmail.com> wrote:
> I suggest posting a question to the upstream dovecot mailing list too: https://www.dovecot.org/mailing-lists <https://www.dovecot.org/mailing-lists>
Yes, I already did that as well. The problem there of course is that it’s all Linux, almost nobody has macOS experience.

> I personally haven’t used doveadm for this task.

Too bad.

> Also, you’ll want to upgrade your MacPorts dovecot to the latest version. That version has a vulnerability with a reasonably serious CVE score.

Ha, thanks.

It’s easy to miss this when you’re on your own git clone of macports-ports (as I want to be able to tinker with the recipes).

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