Restarting from scratch on Snow Leopard

Franco Vaccari vaccari at
Wed Feb 27 13:08:37 UTC 2019

I’ve several old iMacs running Snow Leopard, and on one of them I tried to install some extra packages, but that created quite some troubles with failed updates of some dependencies.

So I decided to reinstall MacPorts on that iMac, to see if I could get in par with the others, but with up-to-date versions, but didn’t get too far with package installations.

I also tried to follow the instructions found at 

< <>>

but still not much success. Maybe that’s because Xcode installed on all the iMac is the non-free version 4.2. 

So I’ve finally decided to attempt a more radical approach:

- uninstalled Xcode 4.2 as per Apple instructions
- uninstalled MacPorts as per MacPorts instructions
- installed Xcode 3.2.6
- installed MacPorts-2.5.4-10.6

Before I try to proceed with package installations, what do you suggest me to try:

1) go through the instructions for LibcxxOnOlderSystems


2) install packages with plain procedure?

I’m asking because I’ve read in a post on this list that

"With the advent of the cxx11 1.1 portgroup and the associated changes that allow clang to build using newer gcc's libstdc++, it is no longer mandatory to use LibcxxOnOlderSystems to be able to build software that uses C++11.”

I’d highly prefer 2) as 1) implies always building from sources and I’ve spent a couple of days compiling stuff in my failed attempt with LibcxxOnOlderSystems.

Thanks a lot for your dedication to keep MacPorts on Snow Leopard alive!


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