vi copy/paste - maybe a bit OT

Christoph Kukulies kuku at
Thu Jul 4 09:32:22 UTC 2019

I’m asking it here although the vi in macOS surely isn’t a macport but I’m asking anyway:

Whenever I copy/paste a file content in vi (started from a Terminal) using CMD-A or select-CMD-C to select all to put it elsewhere into a text receiving object (like Notes) using CMD-V, I’m getting the whole history of that terminal window. Not only the file contents.

That’s confusing once you forget about that fact. You paste the contents, e.g. a certificate, into a webbrowser and later you are wondering about all that stuff in thet text widget which you didn’t intend to get there.

I understand why it might be correct that CMD-A copies the whole terminal window contents, not only the vi-part, but it’s weird anyway.

Is the a way to circumvent this problem?  


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