clang++'s <filesystem> (c++17) support

Eric A. Borisch eborisch at
Wed Jul 24 20:43:34 UTC 2019

Good afternoon,

clang++ 8 has (and has since 5, with small changes) c++17 support for
<filesystem>, but it relies on libc++fs, which neither the current
clang-8.0 port (LIBCXX_INSTALL_LIBRARY=off) nor libcxx provide (even on old
systems that utilize it). Starting with 9, this will become part of libc++
if I'm interpreting this [1] correctly.

Is there any way to support <filesystem> via MP's clang-8.0? Perhaps
include just libc++fs.a? Or is XCode 11 (which apparently [2] has
<filesystem> support) required to get a capable libc++?

  - Eric

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