clang++'s <filesystem> (c++17) support

Kenneth F. Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Thu Jul 25 00:45:50 UTC 2019

This might be the change that gets us installing a new version of libc++ for more systems...

There are different versions of libc++ -- I'm not certain if the newly built versions are fully compatible with old versions. If not, and we replace the old system one with the new one, a mess will ensue.

There is also no easy way right now to switch back and forth between the system libc++ and a new macports replacement for the system libc++. People would have to do that manually, by booting into the recovery partition and running the terminal app, maybe?

There is a way to install a new libc++ in parallel with the system one, and using some DYLD* magic, have MacPorts-built software use that. I have no practice with that.


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