[MacPorts-announce] MacPorts 2.5.4 has been released

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Mon Jun 10 12:01:45 UTC 2019

Hello Al,

On 08.06.19 11:01, Al Varnell via macports-users wrote:
> Still confused about why this issue is being ignored.
> You still list USA, Seattle as a viable mirror on
> <https://trac.macports.org/wiki/Mirrors>.
> I went to some trouble tracking down those responsible for it and passed
> the information that I received back on to you, but nothing has been done.
> The server still responds to pings but has not been updated so either
> improperly decommissioned or simply not being maintained.
> If you still feel the need to have this mirror, I will be glad to push
> back to them on their failure to properly decommission or maintain, just
> let me know.
> I've moved on to USA, Austin (thanks for obtaining a USA based
> alternative), so it's immaterial to me, but not really fair to other
> users to continue to list it as a MacPorts mirror, IMHO.

Thank you for keeping track of this!

I created a ticket in Trac as a central point to track the issue:

I fully agree with your assessment of the situation and have already
removed sea.us.* as a mirror for distfiles and packages. It is also no
longer listed on the wiki page.

I have not yet removed the DNS records in order not to immediately break
downloads for those that still have it listed in their ports tree, but
will follow through with this later.


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