mysql57, boost and postgresql84

Chris Jones jonesc at
Wed Nov 6 10:08:28 UTC 2019


On 06/11/2019 8:34 am, Michael Newman via macports-users wrote:
> I have no idea why I have postgreSQL:
> MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ sudo port dependents postgresql84
> postgresql84-server depends on postgresql84
> MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ sudo port dependents postgresql84-server
> postgresql84-server has no dependents.
> I didn’t request it. I don’t use it.
> When I list requested ports, there are always several that I don’t 
> recognize, such as:
> boost, gcc7, mysql57-server,  and nss.
> But, there they are.

Then try and uninstall them, if you don't think you need them. If there 
are there because something else depends on them, port will let you 
know. Its worth doing a bit of spring cleaning every now and then, as 
keeping stuff installed you do not need just wastes your time upgrading it.

You could also try rerunning

 > sudo port reclaim

which does a number of tasks aimed at removing stuff you do not need.


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