mysql57, boost and postgresql84

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Nov 9 01:39:44 UTC 2019

On Nov 8, 2019, at 16:06, Michael Newman wrote:

> On Nov 7, 2019, at 06:34, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> If `port installed requested` shows things that you don't actually want, tell MacPorts by marking them as not requested:
>> sudo port unsetrequested portname1 portname2 ...
>> Then `sudo port reclaim` will be able to uninstall them, if they're not needed for anything else you've installed. Reclaim won't uninstall things it thinks you want.
> This set a little trap for me. For some reason, clamav, which I did request, was not shown as requested. So, when I ran reclaim, it was removed. I was puzzled at first when freshclam started to fail. I’ve reinstalled clamav now and all is well. Is there some reason why clamav would not be flagged as requested?

MacPorts' ability to automatically uninstall ports you don't want and keep the ports you do want is only as good as the metadata recorded in the registry. If it's wrong, you have to fix it.

If you ran `sudo port install clamav`, and it was not already installed, MacPorts should have marked it as requested. If clamav was automatically installed as a dependency of something else, then it would not have been marked requested.

You can also look through the list of allegedly unrequested ports:

port installed unrequested

If you actually do want any of the ports listed, mark them as requested:

sudo port setrequested portname1 portname2 ...

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