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Tue Oct 1 23:22:41 UTC 2019

Kastus, Joshua,

I never noticed this issue, as I always build the docs.

Fixed in <>

Marius Schamschula

> On Oct 1, 2019, at 5:11 PM, Joshua Root <jmr at <mailto:jmr at>> wrote:
> Kastus Shchuka wrote:
>> gnutls was recently upgraded to 3.6.10_0. When I try to upgrade gnutls, it pulls in a tall list of dependencies:
>> --->  Computing dependencies for gnutls
>> The following dependencies will be installed: 
>> clang-8.0
>> clang_select
>> docbook-xml
>> docbook-xml-4.1.2
>> docbook-xml-4.2
>> docbook-xml-4.3
>> docbook-xml-4.4
>> docbook-xml-5.0
>> gawk
>> gtk-doc
>> itstool
>> ld64
>> ld64-xcode
>> libomp
>> llvm-8.0
>> llvm_select
>> py27-libxml2
>> py37-anytree
>> py37-lxml
>> py37-pygments
>> py37-six
>> pygments_select
>> xar
>> Continue? [Y/n]: n
>> Version 3.6.9_0 did not need them and worked just fine. I suspect that all of them are only needed for doc variant of gnutls. I tried to install gnutls without doc variant, but it still wants to install the same tall list. Is there a way to skip them? Or dependencies are always calculated regardless of selected variants? On another system I installed gnutls -doc, and then removed docbook-xml and the rest of the list, and port command did not complained. 
> Some of those dependencies will be needed regardless of variants
> (clang-8.0 and the other toolchain ones.) Dependencies are calculated
> taking variants into account, but in this case the doc variant of gnutls
> does not add or remove any dependencies. It does seem strange that
> gtk-doc would be needed regardless of whether docs are built. You could
> ask the maintainer about it.
> It's normal to be able to uninstall build-time dependencies after
> installing, because as their name implies they are only needed when
> actually building the port. They aren't needed when installing from a
> binary archive either.
> - Josh

Marius Schamschula

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