gnutls dependencies

Joshua Root jmr at
Tue Oct 1 22:11:20 UTC 2019

Kastus Shchuka wrote:
> gnutls was recently upgraded to 3.6.10_0. When I try to upgrade gnutls, it pulls in a tall list of dependencies:
> --->  Computing dependencies for gnutls
> The following dependencies will be installed: 
>  clang-8.0
>  clang_select
>  docbook-xml
>  docbook-xml-4.1.2
>  docbook-xml-4.2
>  docbook-xml-4.3
>  docbook-xml-4.4
>  docbook-xml-5.0
>  gawk
>  gtk-doc
>  itstool
>  ld64
>  ld64-xcode
>  libomp
>  llvm-8.0
>  llvm_select
>  py27-libxml2
>  py37-anytree
>  py37-lxml
>  py37-pygments
>  py37-six
>  pygments_select
>  xar
> Continue? [Y/n]: n
> Version 3.6.9_0 did not need them and worked just fine. I suspect that all of them are only needed for doc variant of gnutls. I tried to install gnutls without doc variant, but it still wants to install the same tall list. Is there a way to skip them? Or dependencies are always calculated regardless of selected variants? On another system I installed gnutls -doc, and then removed docbook-xml and the rest of the list, and port command did not complained. 

Some of those dependencies will be needed regardless of variants
(clang-8.0 and the other toolchain ones.) Dependencies are calculated
taking variants into account, but in this case the doc variant of gnutls
does not add or remove any dependencies. It does seem strange that
gtk-doc would be needed regardless of whether docs are built. You could
ask the maintainer about it.

It's normal to be able to uninstall build-time dependencies after
installing, because as their name implies they are only needed when
actually building the port. They aren't needed when installing from a
binary archive either.

- Josh

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