llvm versions on 10.5 3.9->8.0

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 01:56:20 UTC 2019

> Hi,
> when running upgrade of llvm 3.9, I get this message:
> $ sudo port -v upgrade llvm-3.9
> --->  llvm-3.9 is replaced by llvm-8.0
> is this correct? I think that for now the different clang versions 
> would "stay" and so corresponging also llvm.
> I have clang and llvm 5.0 on 10.5 on Leopard which is I think the 
> latest I can get.
> another port (cfitsio) pulls in llvm 9.0 and I tried to compile that 
> and it fails. I did not try 8.0 to be honest.
> Riccardo

Getting Intel Leopard up and running smoothly will take some work still, but I have it all going now, so it is do-able.

I suggest that the most efficient method would be to treat it as Snow Leopard, ie default to libc++.

I tried to do the same bootstrap method as works on Snow Leopard, but ran into some snags, sadly. There is so much going on in MacPorts right now with 2.6.1, Catalina, gcc blowing up, and a bug in Xcode that I just didn’t have the heart to open up this issue as well.

Here is what I suggest to any Leopard Intel users.

1. Set your universal archs in macports.conf to match Snow Leopard (i386 x86_64).
2. follow the LibcxxOnOlderSystems instructions to get your system up to speed using libc++ manually for now.
3. set your default compilers in macports.conf rather than wait for base to change to accommodate Leopard Intel. Something like this should be optimal:
default_compilers macports-clang-5.0 macports-clang-7.0 macports-clang-6.0 macports-clang-3.7 macports-clang-3.4

4. make sure you have rebuilt libcxx with the +emulated_tls variant

Then you have a very good chance that you will be able to move along with the current portfiles with the minimum of troubles, as you will very closely match what happens with 10.6.8 to 10.8.

I am presently working on fixing up the toolchain infrastructure for 10.4 through 10.6.
With the port libblocksruntime, we can use a newer version of ld64 than previous. That is helpful.
I have been working on upgrading the version of gcc used in 10.5 (both PPC and Intel) to gcc8, and perhaps gcc9 will be coming along soon too.
When we catch our breath with all the other active MacPorts issues, perhaps Josh will help me sort out how to make the bootstrapping to libc++ work on Leopard as well.
I can probably fix clang-8.0 and clang-9.0 to work on Leopard, as the issues, so far, and not lethal. But clang-5.0 is your workhorse, and clang-7.0 can clean up all the fancy stuff, so you should be good to go. For older ports, or for headaches, clang-3.7 or clang-3.4 are the compilers that most often worked initially, and they probably still work.

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