dmgbuild ports disappeared

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at
Sun Oct 20 10:42:08 UTC 2019

Hi, I’m using MacPorts for many years, but I’m new on this list.

A few days ago I was building SCM Workbench[1] on MacPorts Python 3.7 (because the binary package was expecting Frameworks to be installed). The project uses dmgbuild[2], and there were ports for all(?) versions of Python.

py37-dmgbuild didn’t work, because the port used an old state of dmgbuild that was Py2 only, but py27-dmgbuild did the job.

Today I wanted to document the process – and the ports were gone!

I looked for "dmgbuild" in all mailing list, tracker and github commit messages and found only:

* (dmgbuild used as an external tool)
* (dmgbuild not found)

(I used Google with "site:" as well as site searches.)

Does anyone know why these ports were removed (instead of updated maybe) or how I could find out more?

Best regards, Hraban


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