p5.26-dbd-mysql configure failing with +mariadb

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Oct 29 02:40:46 UTC 2019

On Oct 26, 2019, at 18:28, Darwin O'Connor wrote:

> I'm trying to install p5.26-dbd-mysql which is needed to update mythtv.28, which needs to use mariadb.
> It is generating this error:
> :info:configure 'perldoc DBD::mysql::INSTALL'.
> :info:configure Checking if libs are available for compiling...
> :info:configure Can't link/include C library 'mysqlclient', 'z', aborting.
> It should be able to find the mysqlclient library because is bit earlier it says:
> :info:configure   libs          (mysql_config) = -L/opt/local/lib/mariadb/mysql -lmysqlclient -lz
> and when I look into /opt/local/lib/mariadb/mysql it contains:
> libmysqlclient.18.dylib
> libmysqlclient.a
> libmysqlclient.dylib
> libmysqlclient_r.18.dylib
> libmysqlclient_r.a
> libmysqlclient_r.dylib
> libmysqld.18.dylib
> libmysqld.a
> libmysqld.dylib
> libmysqlservices.a
> If I install p5.26-dbd-mysql with +mysql57 then it works, although it doesn't have to compile it in that case.
> I tried resetting things by going through the Migration process, but the error reappeared.

Please file a bug report in our issue tracker per the usual procedure.

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