OpenCL deprecation in MacOS 10.14

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Sep 1 16:52:32 UTC 2019

vincent habchi wrote:
> Folks,
> I’m currently upgrading the GDAL port to 3.0.1 and… the OpenCL code doesn’t work anymore. No way I can find the file OpenCL.h anywhere in the system. I suppose this is part of Apple policy of deprecating OpenCL, so that no one can build new software based on it. 
> Could you confirm that OpenCL.h has also disappeared from the /System/Library/Framework on your machines (as of 10.14.6)? In which case, I’m going to pull out the +opencl variant from the new Portfile.

All headers have disappeared from /System/Library/Frameworks, along with
/usr/include. Apple only provides them in the SDK now.

Like Richard, I do have
on my system with Xcode 10.3.

- Josh

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