MacPorts 2.6 - Leopard 20.6 and libgcc8

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Thu Sep 26 23:28:35 UTC 2019


Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> I suppose this is an important fix for 10.5 user, we soon need a 2.6.1
> The list of compiler dependencies is kept in 2 places: in the ports tree, and also in MacPorts base. Chris updated both to fix this issue. The list in MacPorts base only comes into effect if the user doesn't have a ports tree yet, so yes, this change will make it into 2.6.1, but no, there's no urgent need to release 2.6.1 just for this.

But first I did a "port selfupdate" and the problem persisted, then I 
patched the file inside port... and it worked. Fromt his I gathered that 
a release is needed...


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