mpkg package variants

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Sun Sep 29 13:57:17 UTC 2019

>> I wonder how package variants are handled while creating `mpkg'
>> bundles.  As an example, consider the output of
>>   port rdeps lilypond-devel +mactex
>> Looking at it you can see
>>   ...
>>   ossp-uuid
>>     perl5.26
>>     ...
>> and
>>   ...
>>   llvm-3.4
>>     perl5
>>       perl5.28
>>       ...
>> The created `mpgk-packages' directory indeed contains both perl
>> 5.26 and 5.28.
>> However, it is possible to install `ossp-uuid' as
>>   port install ossp-uuid +perl5_28
>> In other words, it would be possible to omit a dependency on
>> `perl5.26' altogether.  What must I do to enforce this for `port
>> mpkg'?  This would reduce the size of the bundle by approx
>> 16MByte...
> On my machine "port info ossp-uuid" says that default in 5.28 now,
> but you might have installed it when 5.26 was still the default, so
> I'm not quite sure what goes wrong here (does installing with 5.28
> variant help?).

I did install `ossp-uuid' with 5.28, but a new run of `port mpkg'
(without a `port clean', though) gives the same result.

Let me reformulate my question: Does the way how I have installed
MacPorts packages on my computer influence how `port mpkg' works for a
given package?  Given that `port mpkg' rebuilds all packages, I would
expect no.  Instead, I would expect some control file (or a special
command line sequence) to control variants of package dependencies.

Is this flawed thinking?


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