Is SSL really a dependant of everything?

Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Apr 6 07:42:05 UTC 2020

On Mon, 6 Apr 2020, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> You should not routinely use the -p flag like this.

I did that following advice on this list about a year ago, when some port 
("guile"?) that I'd never even heard of would not build.

> Do you mean openssl? or libressl? or something else?


All the same to me, and I don't touch any config files except under advice 
(such as using Australian repositories etc); when it comes to the Mac I'm 
just a dumb end-user (except for the Unix-like bits, in which case not 
many people can match me...).

I'm about to go to bed (been a long day for me, and not because of this) 
so I'll likely not reply in turn right away; yawn...

Current CPU temp is 81˚ C (I could have boiled an egg on the older MacBook 
by now; this one has much better cooling).

-- Dave

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