Libkdegames in Mojave (was Re: Jigsaw puzzles)

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Thu Apr 16 08:19:55 UTC 2020


Sorry for missing that thread.

> See Comments #13 and after on Ticket #57294. <>
I committed today a change in the kde4 Portgroup that should ideally fix the issue by enabling the compiler to properly find the OpenAL framework. Please reopen the ticket if there are still issues. 



> On Apr 13, 2020, at 12:13, Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> Hi Lenore and Franco,
>> On 13 Apr 2020, at 12:58 pm, Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> ……...
>> I believe Apple OSX uses OpenAL for its own sounds, which I daresay are still working on Mojave and Catalina, so Apple must have some new way of linking the OpenAL package into apps and other programs.
>> I will see if I can escalate this problem via Ticket #57294 or the MacPorts Developers’ list, but I have been out of touch with both for a long time.
> Hmmm… It looks as if the experts are already onto it. See Comments #13 and after on Ticket #57294.
> Cheers, Ian W.

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