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So I am not a software engineer nor am I particularly brilliant with NIX environments. I am into media production really
I currently have FFMPEG installed on a Mac running 10.11.6 via Macports.
I want to install a package called Butterflow. It appears that Butterflow is Python based and is available on GIT hub with instructions for Mac install via homebrew and Python PIP. You guys have advised against having multiple package installers, I understand, so I want some assistance as Butterflow isn’t on Macports.

OR could I ask for a Macports specialist to develop a port for Butterflow ?

So from the instructions on GIT hub.

1 Install FFMPEG (Homebrew).. Well I have FFMPEG through Macports which is working fine so I don’t want to do this again..
2 Install OPENCV The home brew instructions are available with brew install homebrew/science/opencv --with-ffmpeg. Well OPENCV is availabe on Macports with many variants and Python versions
but I cannot see anything that associates or links it into FFMPEG through Macports does anybody have any ideas on this. These appear to be flags associated with the build process.

3 I have many versions of Python installed through FFMPEG updates over time (2.7,3.7,3.8) but ‘current' is pointing to 2.7.
There is also the ‘native’ Mac version as well (2.7) so which one should I use ? Should I use the Macports installed by Macports as FFMPEG dependencies or Mac native because...

The butterflow instructions tell me to install ‘pip’ through easy_install then ‘virtualenv’. Mac Python version doesn’t appear to have easy_install but I have installed pip using instructions here

So I have installed PIP for both Python locations

4 ./pip install virtualenv informs me that Python2.7 is deprecated. Will I easily be able to update butterflow in future ?

5 "Do git clone". OK but where should I download it too on my mac ? just a directoy on my downloads folder ? or /opt/local/butterflow maybe ? Said I was a newbie with this.!

6 ‘Create virtual environment’ using the systems Python.. virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python butterflow
I thought I should be doing this with the FFMPEG/Macports installed Python. Shouldn’t that make the relationship or paths FFMPEG (should I work out how to make that link to opencv) easier or more consistent?

I know there is lot here and I feel like I am try to cram a 3 year compsci degree into a sunday so any help or direction that the Macports brains trust may be able to supply would be greatly appreciated


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