Some applications display all text in Russian

Davide Liessi davide.liessi at
Sat Apr 25 18:03:42 UTC 2020

Il giorno sab 25 apr 2020 alle ore 09:05 Ryan Schmidt
<ryandesign at> ha scritto:
> Are you launching the applications by double-clicking them in the Finder or by some other method?

Either double-clicking in the Finder or with Spotlight.

> Since gnucash is a command line application, its localization would be affected by the LANG environment variable. When I launch it from the command line with "LANG=it_IT.UTF-8 gnucash" I see the interface in Italian, I think. (I don't speak Italian.)

I now realise that I did not install Gnucash via MacPorts, but I
downloaded it directly from their website, instead.
I don't recall why: probably at some point it didn't compile on my machine.
I'll try installing it again with MacPorts (and will report in case of
build failures).

> In System Preferences: Language & Region, do you only have Italian listed? If so, try adding English as a backup language.

I have just checked and indeed the list is Italian, Russian, Czech and
English, in this order.
I moved English in the second position and indeed all untranslated
strings in Gnucash and GPXSee were in English, but strangely not in
GPXLab, which was still in Russian.
I removed Russian (and Czech) from the list of system languages,
logged out and in, and restarted the machine, but nothing changed in
Then I deleted GPXLab's preference file
(~/Library/Preferences/com.bourgeoislab.GPXLab.plist), which however
didn't seem to contain information on the language, and now it is in
I believe this is a bug in GPXLab and will report it upstream after
some more tests.

I don't know why I had any language other than Italian in the list of
system languages.
I have a Russian, a Czech and an English keyboard layout enabled,
besides the Italian one, but I don't recall adding any of them as
system language (that's why I didn't think of checking it).
I have just tried adding a keyboard layout for another language and in
fact that language was added to the list of system languages as well.

> I took a look at GPXSee and GPXLab. It looks like neither of them offer Italian translations. Perhaps you could work with the developers of those applications to create those translations.

> You could work with the developers to help them translate any missing terms, or at least report to them the fact that these terms are untranslated.

I will surely do it soon for Gnucash, which I use daily.
I'll put the others on my to-do list.

Thanks for testing and for your suggestions.
Best wishes.

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