How enable ftp to localhost wordpress site?

Christopher Chavez chrischavez at
Sun Aug 2 00:09:30 UTC 2020

On 7/31/2020 7:28 PM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> (WordPress docs don’t deal with this! they just say to use ftp to install the plugins.)

I have the impression that the documentation merely accommodates the
common use case where WordPress is being hosted on a remote server by a
third-party web hosting service. Traditionally these web hosting
services provide FTP access as a means of directly uploading content,
etc. to the web server. (File management capability is usually also
offered through a web browser administration portal.) If you're not
using a third-party web hosting service, i.e. are self-hosting, then you
might disregard instructions to use FTP specifically, as it is up to you
to provide yourself file management access to the appropriate
directories on the server (whether remotely through (S)FTP, CIFS/SMB,
etc., or by physically sitting at the server).

Christopher A. Chavez

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