How enable ftp to localhost wordpress site?

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On 1 Aug 2020, at 20:09, Jeffrey Walton wrote:

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>> ...
>> Doing a little research, I found that the reason WP sometimes asks 
>> for
>> ftp credentials is that it can't directly write to the plugins
>> directory. That usually means that it also can't write to any of
>> wp-content/, which is a problem that will break WP once you start 
>> using
>> it. The simplest fix, if your webserver is running as _www (default 
>> for
>> MacPorts' apache2) and you have WP installed at
>> /opt/local/www/apache2/html/wordpress/:
>>     chmod -R _www:admin
>> /opt/local/www/apache2/html/wordpress/wp-content

And that's wrong. It should be:

   chown -R _www:admin /opt/local/www/apache2/html/wordpress/wp-content

> I would consider doing that the other way... chmod -R admin:_www.

MacOS does not normally have a user named "admin" so even if you meant 
to write 'chown' as I did, that won't work.

> I
> would also chmod 0750. Apache usually needs read access, not
> read/write. Other does not need any access.

WordPress requires write access to its wp-content subdirectory. It is a 
content management system, and while much of what it manages is in its 
database, it has subdirectories under wp-content for uploads, themes, 
plugins and its self-upgrade facility that it (i.e. Apache, running 
WordPress PHP code) must be able to write to.

WordPress is not the CMS of choice if one is obsessed with structural 

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