how NOT to use bash 5.0 port (was Re: how use bash 5.0 port)

Bill Cole macportsusers-20171215 at
Mon Aug 31 22:51:48 UTC 2020

On 31 Aug 2020, at 13:22, John Chivian wrote:

> If you really want to change the default you can using the chsh 
> command (man chsh), but I've never done so for the root or startup 
> user. Too much experience based paranoia I guess.


It is not a good idea to change the default shell of root or of the only 
administrator-privileged user unless you are extremely careful and 
understand things like the stages of booting macOS. You especially do 
not want to point root's shell at a dynamically linked 

It IS possible to build a mostly-static bash from the port with an ugly 
hack that I posted here some time back, and even replace /bin/sh with 
that, at least on some MacOS X versions, but I wouldn't even try that 
except to obliterate a bash that is still vulnerable to shellshock.

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