Removing all non-requested ports?

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at
Fri Dec 4 14:58:30 UTC 2020

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> Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2020 15:30:11 +0000
> From: Christopher Jones<jonesc at>
> To: Michael<keybounce at>
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> Subject: Re: Removing all non-requested ports?
>> sudo port uninstall leaves
> sometimes you need to run it  more than once to pick everything up.
> that said, I use
>> sudo port reclaim
> these days which does the above, and a bit more.
> Chris
>> On 3 Dec 2020, at 9:08 am, Michael<keybounce at>  wrote:
>> What's the command to remove non-requested ports again?

The problem with `port reclaim` is that it wipes out all build 
dependencies, so the next time you upgrade or install something, many of 
those need to be reinstalled. `port_cutleaves -b` (a standalone port) 
will keep build dependencies. I'm not sure why `reclaim` doesn't provide 
such an option. On the other hand, `port_cutleaves` doesn't have an 
"all" or "recursive" option, so you have to repeatedly enter `u` and 
`y`. That is the safe way, I suppose.


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