Compile ffmpeg static file from Macports?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Dec 5 02:29:02 UTC 2020

On Dec 3, 2020, at 11:44, K Hindall wrote:

> I have never been a coder, which is why I have Macports.
> Now I need a static ffmpeg file (to run ff·Works, thereby proving that I am not a coder!). I know that Macports uses dynamic libraries rather than static ones and somehow that complicates the process, but ... that's as far as my understanding goes.
> I would need either a port that would do it for me or *very* precise instructions on how to do it.
> Does anyone know of either? I've poked around on the Web, but haven't found anything that I can make sense of.

So you would like an ffmpeg program that is statically linked to all of the libraries that it depends on, rather than dynamically? We don't and wouldn't offer that in MacPorts.

Why do you need this? I haven't heard of ff·Works, but why would it need a statically linked ffmpeg? Why can't it use our dynamically-linked ffmpeg? Why would it care?

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