YouTube-DL is no more

Dave C davec2468 at
Fri Dec 18 18:20:56 UTC 2020

The YouTube-DL github page was taken down per DMCA request.

Before learning of this I tried to DL a video and use the -x option to extract the audio. This failed so in ignorance I successfully updated MacPorts and when I repeated the audio DL, this time it succeeded resulting in an audio file.

This brings up 2 questions for me:
1. Why did this fail? I had a functioning youtube-dl since last MP update with all the required bits (ffmpg, Python, etc) and I don’t update component individually; they were last updated with the last MP update earlier this year. I haven’t updated MacOS for years. So if it was functioning earlier this year, why did it fail yesterday?
2. Next time(?) I update MP I presume YouTube-dl won’t update. Will it be removed? Will it no longer work? Is there a way to keep the port I have currently functioning?

Feel free to also answer any questions I haven’t asked about the impact this news will have.


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