provided, was Re: Befuddled

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at
Sat Feb 15 11:47:03 UTC 2020

> On Feb 15, 2020, at 05:45, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at> wrote:
>  (We should set up a database of all the
> files provided by the individual packages at some point.)
Variants complicate that, I think. Telemetry for each OS version and variant combination actually used by anyone could address that, _if_ people opted in for the telemetry.

Short of that, IMO better accurate info than quick but misleading info; one can always (space permitting) forcibly deactivate and reinstall to get accurate info.

So much as I'd enjoy the quick response it might provide, I wonder about the real-world utility given the effort (and what else might benefit more from the effort).

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