Dovecot port changes

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at
Sat Feb 22 11:41:28 UTC 2020

port dovecot is now installing dovecot 2
port dovecot2 is now installing dovecot 1

The change breaks ‘port update outdated’ as the existence of a dovecot2 install will prevent the installation of dovecot which now has become a dependency for other ports instead of dovecot2. dovecot2-sive is likewise replaced by dovecot-sieve with identical issues.

The only luck I have now is that the update failed so my existing dovecot2 is still running and I can thus I can still read mail (including replies to this).

Yes, making sure that the port dovecot installs dovecot 2 (current) is cleaner (letting port dovecot2 install dovecot 1 is bad). But is that worth this mess? Instead of a nice and simple update, I have (unexpectedly, if I had known I could have prepared) to figure out the new setup, variants, etc. And given that the upgrade failed halfway, I have a messed up MacPorts landscape and I (unexpectedly) have to spend (unplanned) time on this. Spending time on it is  not the problem. Unexpected, because of a strictly sproken unnecessary cosmetic change, is.


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